Cazalla de la Sierra, 41370 SEVILLA, SPAIN.


I have been visiting Trasierra since the beginning. Whether I am alone or with the entire family, I find it a haven of peace and tranquility (unless one is lucky enough to come across Jackson playing his guitar which of course is a treat in itself.) You can party or be entirely private.  It is the most spiritual and magical place I know.  ANNA HARVEY.  DIRECTOR CONDE NAST

Trasierra is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I am lucky enough to have been coming here for many years.  This wonderful old Andalucian estate has been lovingly restored by Charlotte Scott and her family and turned into something quite magical. Each time I visit there is some ingenious improvement, which makes the place more comfortable while at the same time enhancing its period charm, combining all the amenities of a luxury hotel with the aesthetic of a grand country house. I love it here.   BRYAN FERRY

Trasierra is for me the most magical and secret place. I have been alone, with family and with friends and it never fails. Trasierra really is like being in your own private hotel, only better.   All the things that you hate about hotels – checking in, the mini bars, the TV, are just not there and all the things you love – delicious food and wine, huge light rooms, lovely people – are. When people say “I don’t know where to go on holiday” I say “I do, Trasierra”.  Even when I have only been able to get away for a few days.  I feel like I have been away for a month.  It is completely restorative, you cannot fail to relax and feel very, very happy.   LUCINDA CHAMBERS.  FASHION DIRECTOR, VOGUE

Trasierra is now part of our family history, full of memories and such a special time.   From dinners in the candle lit olive groves amongst the horses, lunches in the dappled light of the Fig Garden with a Spanish guitarist, Flamenco in the courtyard with all the kids raiding the artfully placed flamenco fancy dress box. Add into all of this the delicious bed linen, superb food fresh from the garden, the tray of Fino and almonds put out at 7pm, exactly when you want them, and those incredible ‘help yourself’ breakfasts which allow everyone to have breakfast exactly how and when they want. We were all so spoilt, no wonder my kids left their riding boots in the hall as if they were at home! Charlotte you have created a piece of magic at Trasierra.  All I can say to anyone thinking of visiting is ‘trust me.  Just go!’   ANYA HINDMARCH

Charlotte Scott and her children, Gioconda, Amber, George and Jackson Scott make Trasierra what it is – whether one of them is there or all of them – you feel welcomed into their family home not as a paying guest but as a friend of the family.   Trasierra is deliciously comfortable, unbelievably relaxed and Gioconda’s cooking is legendary. As the founder of Cazenove and Loyd, a specialist travel operator in three georgraphic regions, I have been very spoilt over many years and visited numerous amazing hotels, safari camps and lodges, private villas and spa hotels and Trasierra rates up there amongst the best. HENRIETTA LLOYD.  FOUNDER CAZENOVE AND LOYD.

Trasierra has to be one of our favourite places in Spain. It is a magical spot that is very difficult to leave.   SAM HART.  DIRECTOR  FINO. BARRAFINA. QUO VADIS.

You only have to mention the magic word TRASIERRA for eyes to light up, memories to be evoked, or more tellingly to observe the regret of someone who has yet to visit this legendary place.

I always think that the best restaurants and hotels are those where the proprietor creates somewhere they would like to be themselves, and then hopes that enough people will share their taste.   And that is the secret of Trasierra where a succession of visitors of all ages and types fall in love with the vision of Charlotte Scott and her children who have lived and breathed their home which has also become a home from home to so many grateful devotees – a place to flee to as a refuge from modern life, eat superbly, sleep deeply and embrace the respite from frenzy I only hestitate to urge everyone uniquivocably to visit this jewel because I am concerned that I might be prevented from so easily returning myself.   JEREMY KING. RESTAURANTEUR

I love Trasierra because I can treat it as my home, and better still I don’t have to adhere to any timetable and can do anything and everything at my own speed, in my own time, while still being indulged with love and affection like a spoilt child. GAJ SINGH.  MAHARAJAH OF JODHPUR

Just go to Trasierra and you will never want to leave. BRUCE WEBER

Last night I dreamt I went – not to Manderley again – but to Trasierra.   Such is the seductive pull of this unique hotel, it invades ones very being. It is so perfect, so welcoming, so beguilingly cosy and familiar that one yearns to return. Staying at Trasierra restores ones faith in all the really important things in life.   Its natural, unpretentious beauty and stylish simplicity is like being given a wonderful gift.  You are never an anonymous guest when you stay there,  you are treated like a much treasured family friend.  I sometimes fantisise about owning a ravishingly beautiful, rambling property abroad, but I know in my heart that I could never run an establishment half as well as Charlotte Scott manages to do.   With effortless charm and insouciance she ensures your bed-linen is starched and smelling of sunshine, the books are imported from John Sandoe, the flowers are picked and in full bloom, the food fresh and fabulous and ones only obligation as a guest is to enjoy oneself. SARAH STANDING

Hate those silly boutique hotels where you can never find where to turn the light on?  Want more of a house party experience than a hotel one?   Hasten to Trasierra, a little piece of heaven on earth where, yes, you really WILL meet nice people and make friends.   Think chilled rose, Jamon Iberico and the handsomest men ever playing flamenco at sunset.   Think fluttering pale blue tablecloths,the best marmalade in the world and polenta cake by the pool at teatime. I wish I was there right now. CHRISTA D’SOUZA