Cazalla de la Sierra, 41370 SEVILLA, SPAIN.


Any restoration to existing building has been simply designed and executed using local builders and traditional materials and craftsmanship.There is nothing fancy or unnecessary while an atmosphere of old fashioned country house grandeur has been created, due largely to the scale of the place itself and the careful attention to detail in the rooms.

Simple whitewashed walls, high ceilings, soft restful colours and unfussy decoration give a feeling of peace. Local stone floors and Spanish rush matting are cool in summer and cosy in winter.

Large comfortable sofas and beds were transported from England, furniture was either designed and made locally or scavenged for and tarted up. All soft furnishings and curtains are made at Trasierra in the workroom.

Trasierra remains a shining example of how to live well. A tribute to a gentler, less commercial vision of luxury. Paradise.