Cazalla de la Sierra, 41370 SEVILLA, SPAIN.


CHARLOTTE SCOTT +34 (0) 609 550 600

Born in Madrid, brought up in London and returning to Spain in 1979, she has pursued her dream of restoring a ruin and raising a family in her country of birth.

She first opened the doors in 1992. Charlotte’s vision was to create a place full of interesting and diverse people, adventurous enough to travel to an unknown part of Spain, and who would respect the integrity of Trasierra’s natural beauty.

She aims to provide everything that a guest might want without excessive displays of wealth (which she believes have spoilt so many hotels).

Her children are all connected to Trasierra in one way or another to this day.


GIOCONDA SCOTT   +34 (0) 637 201 044

Gioconda is based at Trasierra but spends a lot of time working and travelling abroad, getting inspiration and  collecting new recipes.  She also works as a private chef.

Her TV series “Paradise Kitchen” still has a following in English and Spanish speaking countries.  She trained in Florence and worked in some of London’s high end clubs and restaurants before returning to Trasierra to put her experience into action.

Gioconda has performed several times in the Kitchen at the Port Eliot Festival and is also happy to travel and cook for private clients.

She is a founder member of the Slow Food movement in Spain and is working on the Trasierra Cookbook .

Follow her on Twitter @EatTrasierra and read her blog

  • Contact her for:
  • Planning your party
  • Private cooking lessons
  • Trasierra short courses – Cooking for Teenagers.   Cooking for Men
  • Recipes
  • Inspiration and Spanish Lifestyle
  • Slow food
  • Private cooking and teaching
  • Dinner parties



At the moment Jackson is based in London and can be reached on +447821 768 176 or   or via Facebook (which may be your best bet).

Jackson was born and raised at Trasierra and it was Southern Spain that gave him the inspiration for his music.

He writes and orchestrates his own songs and is currently recording his work in London.

He also accompanies top flamenco dancers and performers.

Jackson plays flamenco guitar and is the lead singer/guitar in Mano de Dios, based in London. His new album, Midnight Sketches, will be released soon.

The bands’ unique blend of gypsy funk/flamenco ska really gets everyone going.    They can be booked for private parties and events and do regular gigs at The Cuckoo Club, Mahiki, Quo Vadis, Ko Ko Camden, Troubador, the George Tavern, Dabboush and Brompton Bar.   They are also popular in Spain and have performed at clubs and festivals in Madrid, Seville and Trasierra Festivals, Glastonbury, Wilderness and others.


GEORGE SCOTT  +34 (0) 650 642 030

George is now based in Madrid and is a director of LA Amarilla an organic food supplier specializing in the finest extra virgin olive oil and travels all over the world promoting this exclusive and delicious product.

After two years running his own business selling pata negra Jamon and Spanish food and wine to restaurants, bars, clubs and private clients in London, he then returned to Trasierra for a year to research and refine the excellent local produce for inclusion in the Trasierra kitchen.

He sources the Pata Negra Iberico Jamon, Olive Oil, Cheese and other products and also organizes events at Trasierra focusing on Spanish gastronomy and wine.

Contact him for

  • Jamon Pata Negra and other Spanish delicacies
  • Shooting – partridges and wild boar in the Sierra Norte de Sevilla
  • Corporate gastronomic events and parties.
  • Property search in Andalucia
  • Riding trips
  • Private tours of Seville and Madrid
  • Location work
  • Organising groups for Ferias and Fiestas



Amber was born and raised at Trasierra.

She has recently moved back to Spain with her family and now works at Trasierra as a Yoga teacher and Ancient Massage Therapist.

She organises walking and yoga retreats at Trasierra several times a year and is the brains behind the HILL YOGA weekends which are increasingly popular with people seeking an instant energy boost, relaxation tecniques and mental inspiration to fit in with their busy schedules.

Contact her for Ancient Massage and healing treatments ,

Amber calls her yoga practice “ Compassionate Yoga”  and it is based on the formal teaching of BKS Iyengar.

Any ailment, physical, emotional or otherwise can be treated through her techniques and therapies. She studied the Ancient Healing system in Nepal with her teacher Rahul Bharti. She has also trained in Thailand with the most prestigious teacher of Thai Massage.

She will be able to suggest solutions to many lifestyle imbalances.

She describes her work as healing, invigorating, relaxing, energising, calming and rejuvenating. Read more about it here.