Cazalla de la Sierra, 41370 SEVILLA, SPAIN.


Trasierra is a hotel and private house so please treat it as such and make yourselves at home. Some things, such as books, hats, tennis raquets and bath oils are in abundance whilst others, such as room service, mini bars and telephones, are not. However, if you find anything lacking do please ask and, within reason, it will be found for you.

Gioconda, Jackson, George, and Amber are Charlotte’s children. They are perfectly friendly, and are, more importantly, bilingual. Please feel free to use them as messengers or guides if they are in residence.

Gioconda is frequently based at Trasierra and oversees the food.   Amber lives here too.  She is our resident yoga teacher, practices ancient “thai” massage and is also in charge of the kitchen garden.   Her two little daughters Rafaela and Nancy run the playground and nursery. Although George lives in Madrid, he is often here as he is involved in the running of the estate. Jackson comes here for inspiration and songwriting.

The Spanish domestic and kitchen staff do not speak English but are very communicative.  Ana is Spanish, works in the office and shop and speaks excellent English, as does Jose who is the head waiter.

Apart from them there are two maintenance men, Santi and Jorge who take care of the logs, pools, dogs and grounds and Mati who is the seamstress.  They are all feel like part of the family and some have been here for over 25 years.

Trasierra is for us, above all else, a family home. The house, empty for so long, seems to have repaid its revival by giving those who pass through it a sense of tranquility and enchantment. The effect on people, temporarily weary of the demands of modern life, can be quite remarkable. I hope you will agree.

Charlotte Scott



This is served in the Breakfast room, punctually, between 9am and 12, after which thermoses and juice will remain on a tray until lunchtime. If you are anti-social in the mornings please feel free to take a tray to a quiet place. If you find anything missing from the breakfast menu please let us know and, provided we can find it in the village, it will appear.


This takes place at around 2.30pm, but crudités will appear beforehand.  A buffet is laid up either in the Breakfast Room or by the Swimming Pool. Although lunch is an informal affair it is useful to know by, say, 11.30am, whether you will be in or out, or if you would like us to make you a picnic. This also applies to dinner; just let us know your plans before lunch so that we can calculate numbers.


If you would like a cup of tea in the afternoon, the kitchen in the Breakfast Room is fully stocked with a variety of teas – so do please help yourselves. Patri the cook will have made a cake, so please forage if you are hungry as dinner is late.


You can of course do this all day but, as a rule, a Drinks Tray is laid up in the Salon Grande or Church before dinner in winter or in unseasonal weather. In summer drinks are found at the bar by the pool, on one of the terraces, or in the Fig Garden. If you would like anything unusual or a cocktail at any particular time, please ask. Otherwise, the golden hour is from 7pm and there will always be Gin, Whisky, Vodka, Fino, Wine and beer along with ice and the usual soft drinks. There is a notepad beside all bars and we would be grateful if you could write down your approximate consumption in order for us to add it to your bill.


This takes place in the Salon Grande or the Church at 9.30pm or, in full summer, a bit later and on one of the terraces. Unless otherwise instructed we will put families together on separate tables. If, during your stay you make friends with anyone and want to dine together, let us know as we can easily put tables together.

Dress Code

Quite simply – there isn´t one. Dressing gowns are welcome at breakfast but perhaps something suitable could be worn over bathing suits when lunching by the pool.

Feel free to look fabulous at night, there is no such thing as being over or under dressed at Trasierra; just well dressed or badly dressed.

Privacy and Peace

While using technology please be discreet and restrict the use of your mobile phones, ipads and ipods to your rooms or designated areas.  We value our guests’ need for tranquility.


We have a Staff Appreciation Box which is distributed annually. Please use an envelope and mention anyone special if you like.