Cazalla de la Sierra, 41370 SEVILLA, SPAIN.


Here are some of the great things about Trasierra as a film or fashion shoot.

Within the walls are buildings dating from 16th century to the present day. There is a chapel, a church, a bodega and a banqueting hall which are all on the grand scale as well as cottages, ruins, cobbled pathways, courtyards and barns that can turn themselves into almost anything without repeating a view.

The same property can take on the air of a splendid fortified stronghold, a senorial hacienda or a whitewashed pueblo. The vast terracotta urns add grandeur and scale

The 17 beautiful bedrooms can accommodate even the most discerning superstar in great comfort

3 extra double staff bedrooms and plenty of storage for equipment and clothes

Trasierra is full staffed with chef, maids, laundress, seamstress, major domo, gardener, drivers, guides and co-ordinators.

You will save time and energy by not having to leave the house. Your team and protagonists alike will love working here as there are no tiring field trips to other locations or tricky negotiations with locals to find animals or extras – we can even bring them to the door!

We are able to rustle up clothes and props at short notice from the workshop in the village or our sewing room on the premises

After a day’s work the happy team can swim, shower and tuck into delicious food, and then sleep soundly at the end of day in a comfortable bed in perfect silence.

As Trasierra is in the centre of its own 400 acre private estate , there is nothing but vast unspoilt landscapes to be seen from every outpost.

At this altitude the vegetation is varied. Thickets of leafy chestnuts turn golden in the autumn and fields of wildflowers bloom waist high in lush grass in the spring.

These dusty Spanish olive groves and cork forests turn from arid deep terracotta to emerald green after the rains..

We can also provide access to some of Andalucia’s best secret places from private tours of palacios to rides with fighting bull breeders or visits to wine estates with and local villages, ferias ,cascades and lakes.

A vision of beauty, peace or drama. at any time of year Trasierra is the answer .